Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bad Customers

I'm just venting, but these are some of the comments we sometimes have to deal with. I help a lot of people and have some very loyal customers. These are just ridiculous.

"Only 12mp, Only 720p, No 60p.. $7000! You must be kidding me, the Canon 7D has 18mp, 1080p 24p-60p for only $2200! Seriously, you could use the Canon 7D on any project and get pro results, Nikon is really falling behind in the Professional user category."


Honestly… a pro camera with 12 mp? That is idiotic. I am sure they had to sacrifice mega pixels for fps and the ISO boost to 102,400"


"I have to sell my all Nikon gear because everyone in the photography class uses Canon. I have a Nikon D90. I want a Canon 500D because I've seen the photo's and they look great and I can't get good photos from my Nikon."


And my favourite of recent times.

Lady: "I'm doing a camera course and I picked up a Nikon D90 from a friend. I hated it. It has a top LCD and I don't want that, I want a more professional camera like the Canon 500D. I can see the settings on the back of the LCD."

Me: Well, the most popular package we have with the 500D is a twin IS lens kit, tripod, a bag, three year Canon warranty, memory card, free photography lesson, some free digital printing. It's only $1399.

Lady: And why is it the most popular package you have.

Me: It's just very good value for money if you're looking at this level of camera and it takes good photos too boot.

Lady: I'll just go somewhere else and ask them.