Saturday, October 16, 2010

Art and About Sydney Foto Rally

The Foto Rally was held in Sydney today as part of the Art and About Sydney Festival. This is trying to encourage people to get out and see Sydney. You had to take photos based on the 8 symbols presented to you. These include a symbol of an apple for instance. That didn't mean you had to find an apple, it could be for instance the shop front of Apple computer or a silhouette of an apple cider bottle.

I think we will see a lot of great photo from the participants.

The extreme windy weather didn't stop the hordes of people turning out for the event. A pleasant surprise actually. Everywhere you turned you would see a person with a camera with the Foto Rally card angin from their neck.

This is a great idea, and next year, if it runs again, I'll try and get a bit of a group going.

If you didn't go, you should use the idea to do your own Foto Rally. I think I will organise my own in the next couple of weeks. Should be fun.