Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shooting in the Rain

It's raining in Sydney today. Not that I knew, stuck inside a 30 degree furnace behind the counter serving ultra impatient customers. What was interesting though was hearing so many customers telling they can't do any photography because of the weather.

Are you kidding? Let me say this up front. Rainy weather should not stop you from seeing "photographically". In fact, you'd be surprised at just how many more opportunities there are to use your camera. There are an abundance of pictures and ideas you should be seeing in front of you.

If you have small compact, even better. It's easy to stow away quickly inside your jacket and pull it out when needed.

OMG! I can hear the gasps as I write, he's talking about using a point and shoot. With a point and shoot camera, you can get into fiddly little places without the bulk of an SLR. Very useful for macro mode when things might be a bit wet too.

For instance, how about shooting under a wet flower, facing the camera upward. The small droplets of water add a lot of character to the photo.

Do a bit of street shoot; people with umbrellas, play with the white balance or black and white modes, over or underexpose the shot if you like, try getting some silhouettes too.

Of course, be a little careful not to get your wet, whatever it is your using..