Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photography Course

A lot of people have been asking me what on-line courses are there for photography. The answer is tonnes, but the problem is most are really bad.

I've been trolling through the courses lately and found one that I thought worth sharing.

The course is comprehensive and for the small amount they are charging, absolutely well worth it. You do it in your own time, at your pace.

The course is normally US129.90, but is on special at 25% off for $96.40.

Here is a brief run down from Proud:

  • 13 interactive photography lessons
  • In-depth training specially developed by professional photographers and prize-winning enthusiasts
  • One-on-one support
  • A full one year money-back guarantee!
  • Absolutely the best price on line
  • Your personal free 500MB online photo gallery to show off your images to the world!
  • Chances to enter the exciting photo competitions and win prizes!

The course is split into the following sections:

  • 1. Introduction to Photography
  • 2. Digital Photography
  • 3. Exposure: Shutter Speed
  • 4. Exposure: Aperture
  • 5. Composition 
  • 6. Light 
  • 7. Shooting Black and White 
  • 8. Travel Photography I.
  • 9. Travel Photography II.
  • 10. Portraits
  • 11. People and Their Environment
  • 12. Insiders' Tricks and Techniques
  • 13. Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
You can sign up from here.