Monday, September 28, 2009

Nikon D3s

There are plenty of rumors on the net about an updated Nikon D3, the D3s. It is supposedly going to be able to shoot 14 frames per second. This would seem rather incredible if true and I just can't see it happening. 

If anything, the D4 (or whatever they call it) may be have more frames per second, though I'd struggling to know why. Faster and more accurate auto focus would be more essential than increasing the frame rate.

Of course, the D3s probably will have a movie mode. Will it be 1080p? It may, and it would be the first Nikon to do 1080p since the other Nikon cameras to have video have the 720p implementation.

You can pick up a Nikon D3 with a discount at the moment at Amazon.

If you're thinking about picking one, now is the time.


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