Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canon 7D thoughts

Canon have been out presenting a pretty good spin on their new 7D camera claiming 5000 people have delivered input into it's creation and that Canon has decided to build what was requested. One of the complaints you'll read on the internet is how Canon has had accountants designing their cameras and Nikon's cameras are designed by photographers.

The headline news is still that 18MP sensor. I can't imagine what 5000 users would be asking for this, at this stage. See, I can imagine that 18MP's on an APS-C chip would have come, but with current technology and know-how of sensors, micro-lenses, etc it kind of seems rather pointless. If the Canon 7D sensor had backside illumination or some other revolutionary technology and then claimed 18MP, it would seem like a good move.

As it is, the size of the pixels is almost the same as the 4/3rds 12MP sensor. The image quality from the Olympus and Panasonic camera's is brilliant, but there's no replacing a camera like the D3 or D700 when you require high ISO images. The Canon 7D will be scrutinized heavy in this area as if ISO 3200 is the only way to measure a camera's performance these days.

But the camera has very little else to distinguish it from the Nikon D300s. The problem with that is, that if the D300s takes a better image, Canon will have this problem lingering on the internet forums. Of course, that only affects new users, as those from Canon would (nor should they) have any hesitation in picking a a Canon 7D.

Assuming people haven't been put off by the 50D fiasco, the Canon 7D will probably be Canons saving grace.