Friday, March 4, 2011

Fuji Finepix X100

We played around with the Fuji X100 a few days ago. The hype around the camera has created a kind of hysteria which Fuji is somewhat over come by.Then  there's the anti-hype crowd. Most of those people aren't photographers and don't understand the reason for such a camera existing.

I've heard a few people say, "it's too big and looks overly retro." This is exactly what most people have been asking for. The retro looks simply come from the fact the camera has gone back to some basics.

I'm not sure that "overly retro " is a real problem anyway. So many modern products today look overly the same. Cars come to mind. Boring! Virtually, all the cameras on today's shelves all fit into the same boat too. Same. They have no character whatsoever. Some try but they can't seem to get the absolute basics right, like the image quality.

Then there are some people who really just don't know what they're talking about or they don't understand the market that something is aiming for.

Take this internet commentator as an example (who shall remain nameless):

Forget the Fuji Finepix X100. I just looked at this sample gallery, and the images are soft, low-contrast, lower resolution, and boring compared to my D7000, much less the full-resolution samples I share in my new Route 66 Gallery from a LEICA M9. Who are Fuji trying to kid; children who think iPhones are cool? When you can get from a Fuji digital camera, wake me up.

What a load of codswallop. The images from the X100 are very good. However, don't take our word for it. The camera is ready to start hitting the shelves in Australia, and everywhere, in the next couple of weeks. Take it for a spin, and make your own mind up.