Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nikon D200s/x coming?

Ok, so if you've gotten this far, then you've agreed to the terms and conditions. Its a rumour thread!

Some people know my situation with my beloved D200.... that is, it left me for another man. And some people know when I'm not saving cats from trees, helping elderly ladies across the road, or stopping crime at night, that my day job is working in a camera store as mild mannered Nik.

So I asked someone who knows what's going on with the Canon and Nikon cameras because, well... I need one.

Ok, so the "rumour" has it that the D2x is being replaced, we know that one. But also the D200s is coming in September. This is what I think it will have:

+a three inch LCD,

+better high ISO noise processing,

+improved battery consumption

And maybe a couple of surprises:-
+9 cross type sensors
+Improved AF but not Cam2000 (Cam 1300 maybe, re: F5/F100)
+Buffer increase to 45 jpegs.
+And my favourite "I think we just might get it".... HSC 8fps.